April 26, 2012
♥ @ 10:45 PM ♥

Finally, the last of the spiritual fae. I'm happy that they're all done now. ^_^ I especially like the Wind fairy~! Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

WIND FAIRY :: Credit Ookie Panda and Tatanya.

EARTH FAIRY :: Credit Ookie Panda and Tatanya.

Good luck and happy RPG Making!
- Ookie Panda -

April 19, 2012
♥ The Enterbrain Set is Complete! @ 2:01 PM ♥

Took me long enough, right? Here is the final face for the Enterbrain set I've been working on. He wasn't even the hardest face to edit! Ookie was just lazy... anyway, enjoy! The final face and full set are finally here!

Full Set

Check the previous pages for the portraits of the other characters, or download this for the whole set!
(EB_Full_Set.rar) <-Download

April 10, 2012
♥ Fire and Water @ 7:39 PM ♥

Guess I’m on a role. ;O I looked back at my fairy sprites and always thought it was so neat how Tatanya so kindly recolored them for me to make an elemental set. Then I realized that these fae should be a lot more special than the others. These fairy forms of the elemental characters in VX were so fun to make. I hope I will have just as much fun with Wind and… Earth? Hope you enjoy~

FIRE FAIRY :: Credit goes to Ookie Panda and Tatanya for the recolor.

WATER FAIRY :: Again, credit Ookie Panda and Tatanya. ~

April 7, 2012
♥ Elven Princess & Pixie @ 1:51 PM ♥

Hi, it's Ookie Panda! Finally decided to pop in. I made a sprite for an elven princess and a pixie for a contest a while back. Now, here are the faces to go with them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. :)

ELVEN PRINCESS :: Please credit Ookie Panda for the sprite and also LovelyBlue if you use the face/portrait. I borrowed some hair pieces from her portrait.

PIXIE :: Credit Ookie Panda for the sprite and face/portrait.

Happy RPG-Making~!

- Ookie Panda -

March 28, 2012
♥ Broken Links!!! @ 10:37 AM ♥

Oh no! It looks like there's a bunch of broken links! :<
That's because I've moved some of my images. I will be replacing the links today. ^_^ Sorry for the inconvenience!

I might also change the layout of this, while I'm at it.

Thanks for still hanging around my blog and all. :3

January 11, 2011
♥ The Official Ookie Panda Forum! @ 5:03 PM ♥

Hey guys. I just finished re-doing an old forum of mine. I'd like to share it with all of you today in hopes of getting some activity!

Its the Official Ookie Panda forum, a social forum for connecting with friends and having fun!

So why should you join? Well, if you love Ookie, this is the place to be. If you love community rather than being productive, this is also the place to be!

At the Ookie Panda forum there's a place for everyone! There's a forum for music, movies, anime, games, debate, forum games, role playing, and more!

There's even a chat box at the bottom of the forum for instant messaging with your buddies!

(Click to enlarge)

It's still a young forum so I am open to suggestions about it. So stop by if you like! Click here!

January 8, 2011
♥ Old Stuff @ 3:37 PM ♥

Hey guys. I've been a little.. lazy I guess. lol. I'm no longer an active staff member of rpgmakervx.net/.com, so my sense of responsibility has gone down the drain when it comes to RMVX. But here's some stuff I didn't post sooner. Hope you all enjoy. When I remember, I'll make the final male of the Enterbrain set and release the 96x96 faces.

This is Oberon. You may recognize her face from the Enterbrain set. I actually stole it from Oberon, because I wasn't feeling creative. lol. Credit Tatanya for the outfit.

This is Cara. She was originally a character I was and still might use for my game, White Remedy (though it's using a new style of face..)

This is a recolor of Sybil that actually came out really pretty.

Thanks, I hope to see these resources be helpful to someone.